Damage resulting from corrosion and erosion are a common and well-known problem in the industry . The regularly replacement of affected/damaged parts costs both time and money .

Traditionally, Brent OCC has been active in ship repair and because of this a unique way of treating and re-conditioning corrosion damage has been developed.

The application of our own, high-grade plastic composite materials, reduces damage due to corrosion and erosion. The materials used also offer a reliable and long lasting method of preventing corrosion.

These composite materials are developed within the company, where we are able to overhaul a complete pump in our well-equipped workshop so that the replacement of a pump body is no longer necessary.

By using our materials combined with specialist machinery and years of experience we are able to work quickly and efficiently to carry out your specific requirements.

This makes us a reliable partner and a good ALTERNATIVE for:

  • existing corrosion damage
  • any future expected corrosion damage
  • replacement of a damaged part for new
  • high financial cost to replace new
  • long or delayed order delivery times for a new replacement section
  • Any additional modifications during installation and connection of a new section