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Since 1948 Brent O.C.C. BV (formerly known as Brent & Bakkeren BV) has been active in protecting metal surfaces against corrosion and erosion with the use of coating.

Brent O.C.C. BV started as a ship repair company and through on-hand experience developed a unique method of corrosion control.  Brent-O.C.C. focuses entirely on developing and applying anti-corrosion materials to both new and heavily damaged parts. Corrosion, erosion and cavitation damage are too often a problem. The need to replace damaged or worn parts is both expensive and time consuming.  Economically, it makes sense to repair damaged parts as opposed to replacing them, making coating an advantageous and reliable alternative.   Many of the companies we are working for are to be found in shipping and industrial areas.

Below you will find the areas in which our coating materials are widely used.


Dredging industry
Brent-Occ can do much more for you! We use the best products available

About Brent-OCC

Afb0297 Dear visitor ,

As the owner of Brent OCC I would like to give you an insight into our products and services .

Corrosion, erosion and cavitation are all too often a problem, perhaps in your company too.  Often  damaged or worn parts need replacing unexpectedly, which is both time and money consuming .

Corrosion brings security risks ( failure of equipment ) and major costs can arise.  Approximately 5 tons of steel "lost " worldwide per second due to corrosion.   The costs are estimated at 2 % of the Gross National Product .

Our business would like to give you an alternative to:

  •  existing corrosion damage
  •  future corrosion
  •  replacing damaged parts with new
  •  high financial costs of replacement parts
  •  long lead times for replacement parts
  •  possible additional adjustments required in connection with replacement of parts

Thank you for visiting our website , if you wish to receive more information please contact our sales department.

Yours sincerely,

J. G. Oversier


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